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based on Silicon Valley Innovation methods. Open trainings and customised inhouse-trainings.


GET a Service Design CERTIFICATE BASIC or advanced

awarded by the international Service Design Network

In-house Training starting from 2 days.

"A Service design training will enable participants to integrate the service design process skills within their own work routines. It is not just about learning new methods and tools, it is all about embracing a human-centred mindset and being able to face challenges that arise with the digital transformation."

Service Design BASIC (Process, Methods)

Service Design ADVANCED (Organizational Change, Innovation Management)


SERVICE DESIGN certificate



Service Design COURSE & certification

in Cooperation With c+plus Vienna And Prof. Birgit Mager @virtual identity Munich

Termin 1:  28. - 29. März 2019

Termin 2: 6. - 7.  Mai 2019

Termin 3: 3. - 4. Juni 2019

6 Days





Service Design & Organisational Change

Service Design Implementation - DO & DELIVER -

In Cooperation WITH the Service Design Network & Prof. Birgit Mager

Cologne, Service Design Network Space, Loft 33

24.10 Cologne (Language English)

22.11 Munich (Language English)

How can it be ensured that complex service design concepts can be successfully implemented with clients? The workshop will approach the topic of implementation from different directions. Current trends in research, practice and general implementation success factors are presented, discussed and reflected on the basis of own projects. //

Wie kann sicher gestellt werden, dass komplexe Service Design Konzepte mit Kunden erfolgreich umgesetzt werden können? Der Workshop wird sich dem Thema Implementierung aus verschiedenen Richtungen nähern. So werden aktuelle Trends in Forschung und Praxis aufgezeigt, generelle Implementierungs-Erfolgsfaktoren vorgestellt, gemeinsam diskutiert und anhand von eigenen Projekten reflektiert. //

1 Day




Service Design & HR / Service Design & Organizational Change

Mastering Employee Experience

2 Day Course in cooperation with EMERGIZE in Munich

Termin: 5. und 6.11.2019 in München (Language German)


2 Days


Service Design & HR

master employee experience


Service Design & HR / MAstering Employee Experience

Talk in cooperation with Bayern Design & IHK Regensburg

Termin: 25.06.2019 in Tischenreuth (Language German)


The side effect of Service Design is cultural change
— Jenny Bauschmid@eon